Corporate Overview

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message Fulum Group originated its business in 1992. The first restaurant “Fulum Hotpot Restaurant” was run in Tai Kok Tsui. It has been developed to a group of 14 brands serving a variety of cuisines. We have engaged in Chinese cuisine industry for 23 years with over 4000 fulltime employees under our Group.

The reason why Fulum Group attains today’s remarkable achievement is because of our application of Three Quality Principle: Quality Environment, Quality Food and Quality Service to operate our business. We believe our commitment to and execution of our corporate motto “Provision of Quality Food and Sincere Service to Our Customers” has continued to strengthen our brands and customers’ loyalty over time. Fulum Group was listed successfully in the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in November 2014, with the Stock Code: 1443. Our business developments have turned into another new page in the milestone.

We have a network of over 70 restaurants in Hong Kong and provide different types of cuisines under various brands. We are planning to expand our Chinese cuisine business in China with the aim of providing high quality food to customers in the Greater China region.

Diversification of our Business

There are over 70 restaurants with various kinds of cuisines and cake shops under Fulum Group. There will be two Fulum Palace restaurants in the Pearl River Delta area very soon to provide Cantonese cuisines to the mass-market clienteles. Our restaurants can be categorized into three lines of business: (1) restaurants under the “Fulum” main brand focusing on Cantonese cuisine targeting the mass market, (2) restaurants under the “Sportful Garden” main brand focusing on Cantonese cuisine targeting mid-to-high end market, and (3) speciality cuisine restaurants under our “Fulum Concept” line of business, which are generally of a smaller size, under various other brands serving Chinese and non-Chinese speciality cuisines.。

Fulum Group will continue to seek high quality shops progressively in prime locations in Hong Kong and in major cities in China in the future to provide a comfortable and convenient dining places for customers.

Supervision of Quality

Fulum Group has a Central Kitchen and Logistics Centre which can control the food quality effectively and ensure the safety of food quality and control the cost as well. In addition, our supervisors in the kitchens are responsible for controlling the food quality to assure our provision of cuisines are of satisfactory level.

Our group has received various awards including “Hong Kong Famous Brand – Golden Award”, “Best of the Best Culinary Awards – Gold with Distinction Award”, “Famous Brands Hong Kong”, “U Favourite Food Awards – Cantonese Restaurant”, etc. Although we are affirmed by all walks of life, we will continue to strive for excellence to provide high quality service to our clienteles.

Personnel training

Fulum Group has established the Human Resource Department to organize personnel training programmes. We are recruiting experienced talents to bring us new energy while organizing workshops periodically to provide trainings to our newly recruit staff in order to enhance their working skills. We hope all these activities resulted in providing high quality services to our sincere customers.

Our vision

Fulum Group continue to adopt innovative marketing strategies in choosing restaurant locations, providing high quality cuisines and training of employees to maintain the leader of the competing Chinese cuisines providers.

We are looking forward to opening new branches of various brands in the convenient locations. Our target is to operate over 90 restaurants in Hong Kong. On the other hand, we also aim to develop the enormous potential market in mainland China. We are planning to establish new Chinese cuisine restaurants in the coming years to explore the potential business opportunity.

Being a listed corporate company, we are making a great effort to control various costs and expend our business in order to gain the reasonable rewards for our shareholders. Besides, we also execute the responsibility of a social corporation by donating our products to social welfare organizations and setting up a “Positive Energy” volunteer group to visit the disadvantaged minorities, participate fund-raising activities such as charity walk and flag day. We hope our series of action can make contributions to our community.