Fulum Chinese Food

Royal One is located in accessible area in Causeway Bay. The interior of Royal One is elegantly decorated and equipped with multi-media computer facilities, large LED HDTV, fiber optic light floor, catwalk with star-led lights , and most important of all, with breathtaking Victoria Harbour view. It leaves an enchanting memory to the new couple.

Established in November 2010, Fulum Palace provides all-day Cantonese cuisine for mass market customers as well as wedding banquet services. To provide an atmosphere and theme suitable for hosting wedding and other celebrating banquets, our Fulum Palace restaurants are laid out in European palace-style decorations which are spacious and sport main theme colors of white and gold. Our Fulum Palace restaurants have audio visual equipment and stages with laser lighting for the use of our banquet customers.

Established in August 2007, Fulum Restaurants target business and family clientele with an affordable pricing strategy. Fulum Restaurants mainly serve seafood, Dim Sum, hotpot cuisine and a wide range of Cantonese cuisine. In order to provide a comfortable dining experience for our business and family clientele, our Fulum Restaurants provide private dining rooms suitable for business meals and family gatherings.

Established in July 2001,Fulum Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant targets mass market customers and markets itself as a brand that provides high-quality seafood dishes to customers at affordable prices. Each Fulum Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant has a number of large fish tanks to display live seafood in order to give customers the feeling of being at a fisherman’s wharf.

Established in January 2005, Pleasant Palace is the first brand that we created to focus on wedding banquet services. In order to provide an elegant and comfortable dining and banquet experience for our customers, Pleasant Palace restaurant venues have a spacious environment sporting the main theme colors of white and gold. The decoration of our restaurants enhances the image of Chinese banquets. For our wedding banquet customers, we will assign a wedding planner on a one-to-one basis, to assist our customers in the preparation, planning and hosting of the wedding banquet.

Established in September 2011, our Banquet Palace restaurant focuses on wedding banquet services. Banquet Palace restaurant has a European palace-style interior design catering to wedding banquet customers.

Established in February 2015, Fulum’s new brand targets mass-market customers. Fulum provides seafood, snacks, hot pot cuisine and Cantonese cuisine to our customers, allowing our customers to enjoy the food and the pleasant moments in a comfortable environment.

Established in November 2019, Rich City Supreme aims at the mass market customers. Rich City Supreme offers supreme seafood, dim sums and Cantonese cuisine. It lets customers enjoy the meal and pleasant moments in a prefect environment.