Central Kitchen and Logistics Centre

Our central kitchen and logistic centre moved to Tsuen Wan, New Territories in April 2012 to cater our business expansion need. Its area is about 110,000 square feet and occupies five stories of the industrial building. Our central kitchen and logistic centre is able to support an additional 10 to 20 restaurants in Hong Kong, and enables us to centralize our food ingredients and supplies purchasing, food processing, quality control of food ingredients, semi-processed or processed food ingredients, as well as packaging, warehousing and distribution functions.

Food ingredients are processed into semi-processed or processed ingredients at our central kitchen and are then delivered to each of our restaurants in Hong Kong for their use. This arrangement promotes standardization in the food preparation process and quality control, and also assists us in negotiating for bulk purchase discounts in our food ingredient purchases.

Being a corporate of cuisine provider, we strongly emphasize the food hygiene and safety. We have implemented a comprehensive set of procedural guidelines on the entire production cycle from procurement of food ingredients and supplies, to preparation and processing, quality control and distribution of food.